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RAPT Temperature Controller

RAPT Temperature Controller

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The latest addition from Kegland is a temperature controller for fermentation refrigerators. With 2 well-marked connections for cooling and heating and a 2 meter long temperature sensor, this is ideal for fermentation refrigerators and the like.

RAPT Temp Controller connects to the RAPT web portal over WIFI, which means you can monitor, log and control the devices connected remotely. This works from both PC and mobile.

It has a temperature probe with a 2-meter cable. It can also be paired with the Rapt Pill via BlueTooth, which significantly increases the battery life of the Pill as the Temp Controller takes care of the data traffic to the RAPT portal.

The color screen clearly displays temperature, graphs future and past temperature settings and makes it easy to change profile steps.

This plug and play temperature control box has two clearly labeled blue and red power outlets for heating and cooling, allowing you to control a refrigerator or heating unit simultaneously to fully monitor and control the temperature. Each power outlet is rated at a maximum of 10amp (max 2400 watts).

Kegland is constantly updating the firmware, so the possibilities for use are constantly expanding. For example, both power outlets can be controlled separately. Go on vacation and turn lights and radio on and off at predetermined times.

PID included
This temperature control box comes with the PID heating function often used for high-power devices. This greatly reduces the chance of burning and will provide better temperature control with less fluctuation.

Temperature range.
The temperature range of this unit allows you to control devices from -20C up to 120C.

NB! The controller only supports Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
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