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RAPT Pill Hydrometer & Thermometer WIFI & Bluetooth

RAPT Pill Hydrometer & Thermometer WIFI & Bluetooth

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RAPT Pill from Kegland is a digital hydrometer that allows you to log gravity and temperature in real time via WIFI or Bluetooth. Data can be read either via an app on Android/iOS or via the website portal

RAPT Pill comes with a long battery capacity and is easily charged via USB-C. (note: charging cable not included)

The RAPT system from Kegland comes as a series of new products that can coordinate data in a common portal. There are lots of exciting things to come!

The unit is designed to minimize the risk of contamination, in a robust capsule that is also easy to open for charging. The control unit itself can be completely removed from the capsule without any problems. Another advantage of the design is that the least possible amount of hops etc. can stick to the device and negatively affect the measurement.

Make sure that RAPT Pill is charged for 24 hours before first use. This is to guarantee that the battery is 100% charged and calibrated.
When connected to WIFI for the first time, the device will automatically update to the latest firmware version. The device must be connected to USB-C in order to receive firmware updates.

ATTENTION: Can only be used on 2.4GHz WIFI
Battery life will be 2-5 months with normal use via WIFI. Note that the default setup allows the device to collect data and send it collectively once per hour. This can be changed, but will affect battery life. With the default setup of 1 transfer per hour, the battery can last over a year! If it is changed to every 15 minutes, the duration will be about 5 months.

Manufactured in food grade material. Info from Kegland:
- Made from strong BPA Free Nylon 12 and Polyketone(POK). Both the clear Nylon 12 and Polyketone plastic are food grade, FDA approved, BPA (and free of other types of bisphenol). These are also plasticizer and phthalate free. They also contain no endocrine distruptors making them a much better choice than polycarbonate that is used in other products. Nylon 12 and POK are also high temperature resistant, chemically resistant and extremely robust.

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