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Quantor FermFlex-Mobile-S

Quantor FermFlex-Mobile-S

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Temperature controller FermFlex-Mobile-S: This is a fully-equipped device with a 1/2” solenoid valve, filter, temperature sensor with a 5m length, and a transformer for 230V networks. It's mounted on a stainless steel plate with a hook and has IP65 protection for both the controller and solenoid valve.

The FermFlex-Mobile series is portable and can be moved from one tank to the next. No special electric installation effort or costs are required. Consequently, they are ideal for producers that wish to have the temperature display directly on the tank and that would like to enjoy a quick changeover whenever they need to alternate between the tanks to be regulated.


  • Informative display with high contrast LED lighting for distance sighting. Simultaneous display of the measured and the set-temperatures, control-mode and the activity
  • Mounted on stainless steel plate with solid hook
  • Temperature indication from -9,9 to +99,9°C, suitable for measuring high temperature processes such as pasteurization, beer mashing, sugar syrup for CSD etc.
  • Robust water resistant housing, IP67
  • Integrated safety backup for data protection during electric power-out
  • With PC data interface for control over Ferm-Software
  • Can be locked by code – a single controller or the whole installation at once
  • Integration into the bus system VinInfo possible.

Technical details

  • Temperature range: from -9,9 to +99,9°C (from 14,2 to 211,8°F)
  • Power supply: 24V AC +/- 10%
  • Output: 24V AC / 2,5A
  • Regulation modes: cooling, heating, cooling and heating, display, off
  • Regulation structure: 2-point (heating or cooling), 3-point (heating and cooling)
  • Protection type (controller): IP 67.
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