*PRE-ORDER* 12m EVABarrier slange 6 mm ID x 9,5mm OD

*PRE-ORDER* 12m EVABarrier slange 6 mm ID x 9,5mm OD

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9.5mm x 6mm EVABarrier® is a diffusion-tight hose for beer and co2.

Price is for 12 meters.

Tips for mounting on the hose nipple: Heat the hose in a little hot water and use pointed pliers or similar to expand the hose.

The external dimension is 9.5 mm to fit Duothight and John Guest quick couplings with 9.5 mm or 3/8" couplings.

This hose is developed by KegLand in Australia. Many other hoses for beer and co2 are not normally diffusion-tight. KegLand has therefore created a 2-layer hose where the outer layer is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), an extremely flexible and robust plastic material that can be bent without collapsing or breaking. This material also allows the hose to seal well in Duotight and John Guest quick connectors. The inner layer is made of a proprietary polymer that makes the hose diffusion-tight, preventing CO2 from leaking out through the hose wall or allowing oxygen to enter the beer in the hose. This prevents the beer left in the hose for a while from spoiling. The interior surface is very smooth, with minimal friction for the beer, while making it difficult for impurities, bacteria, microbes etc. to adhere.

Pressure tolerance (with 50% safety margin):
At 30C: 200psi / 1.4MPa
at 50C: 100psi / 0.7MPa

Conversion inches to mm:
Make sure to choose a pipe and hose dimension that fits your quick connectors:
3/8" is slightly smaller than 10mm
5/16" is the same as 8mm
1/4" is slightly more than 6mm
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