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MP-40RM Magnetic Pump 65W

MP-40RM Magnetic Pump 65W

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MP-40RM Magnetic Pump 65W

1. Small size, high efficiency, low noise, compact design and easy to use for brewing and CIP cleaning.

2. Removable brushless pump, permanent magnet rotor, maintenance-free.

3. Powerful rotor, can effectively reduce water resistance.

Technical data:

  • Model Number: MP-40RM

  • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

  • Structure: Single-stage Pump

  • Usage: Water

  • Power: Electric

  • Thread Interface out-inlet: 3/4 inch

  • Tube: 16mm

  • Max. Capacity: 45L/min (50Hz); 52L/min(60Hz)

  • Max. Head: 4.6M(50Hz); 6.5M(60Hz)

  • Standard Capacity: 22L/min (50Hz); 34L/min(60Hz)

  • Standard Head: 4M

  • Specific Gravity: <1.1

  • Motor Output: 65W

  • Phase: 1

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