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Mini Keg 5 liters - Black

Mini Keg 5 liters - Black

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Mini Kegs from Kegland is a series of small kegs that can be connected to tapping equipment. See the recommended setup further down the page.
With the ball lock adapter, it becomes a Cornelius keg, perfect for taking on a trip or to the barbecue!

You can easily carbonate with sugar, or carbonate directly with gas using the ball lock accessory. Note that these kegs can be placed horizontally in the fridge using the ball lock connection, as this uses a silicone hose instead of a rigid riser tube like regular kegs.

Recommended setup for Mini Keg:

Mini Keg - Ball lock connection
Mini regulator for 16g CO2 cartridge or Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator
Ball lock for CO2, with threads
Picnic tap with anti-foam hose
CO2 cartridge 16g
Mini Keg - insulation cap

Dimensions: 175mm x 280mm

It is recommended to clean the keg properly before use
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