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MaltZilla Grain Mill Premium

MaltZilla Grain Mill Premium

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MaltZilla Diamond Grain Mill Premium from Kegland - It's finally here!

MaltZilla is an electric malt mill with 2 large diamond rollers, which ensure that the mill cuts the malt, not just crushes it. This results in much of the husk of the malt remaining whole. This is very beneficial in terms of sifting and avoiding stuck mash.

After much testing, Kegland has now developed a malt mill like you've never seen before!
2 large stainless steel rollers covered with diamonds provide, among other things, a much longer lifespan. Other mills with two or three rollers tend to wear out over time, which gives a poorer result.

An integrated motor ensures an optimal grinding speed, unlike a manual mill where the speed can easily become uneven, which in turn affects the degree of grinding. If you run too slow, it takes longer, and if you run too fast, you end up with flour.
This motor is solid, strong and well protected against dust, and is built to last!

The grinder comes with a mounting tray and funnel with 7 kg grinding capacity.The motor is 24V and uses an Anderson plug. Power adapter with EU plug is included.
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