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Malt Brew Basket 300 Micron 304SS - 400mm x 400mm

Malt Brew Basket 300 Micron 304SS - 400mm x 400mm

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Malt basket with 65mm feet, 3 pcs wire clamp on bottom.

The 300 Micron 304SS Malt Brew Baskets is constructed of 304SS 300 micron, 304SS thick wired hooks and is perfect for extract brewing, all grain brewing, Kombucha, Tonics and a host of other brewing and cooking applications.

The 304SS Brew Basket sits 65mm from the base of the supplied K70L Brewing Kettle. The Brew Basket also has three 304SS drop down hooks that enable the basket to hook onto the rim of the K70L Brewing Kettle.  Hooking to the rim of the vessel brings the base of Malt Basket 70mm from the top of the vessel, enabling the basket to be drained of any residual liquid without the need to hold the Basket whilst it drains, perfect for the sparging process in all grain brewing.

Malt Basket Diameter
Malt Basket Height
400mm (with legs)
335mm (without legs)
Malt Basket capacity
12kg Max Grain
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