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K70L Brewing Kettle

K70L Brewing Kettle

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Delivery Package

  • K70L Brewing Kettle 
  • 2* 1/2 ball valve 3 piece tap
  • Elbow for whirlpool
  • Dia 3" thermometer
  • Bazooka filter


  • 70L brewing kettle with 2*NPT fittings
  • weld 1/2" fitting with 2* 1/2 ball valve 3 piece tap
  • 1.0mm 304SS body
  • Triple layers bottom - induction or gas heating 
  • silicone coating handles
  • Internal volume markings
  • Lid included with 1.5" TC port, plug and Tri-Clamp 
  • elbow for whirlpool
  • sanding looking
  • 2 year warranty.


The BrewTaurus K70L Brewing Kettle is constructed from 1.0mm thick 304 stainless steel and has a triple based bottom which enables gas burner use or induction. The kettle includes 2 x ” NPT fittings & 1 x 1/2" hole fitting in the top of the pot to attach the elbow for the whirlpool. The lid of the BrewTaurus K70L Brewing Kettle includes 1 x 1.5” TC Port welded to the centre of the lid, plus a silicon covered handle for safe handling. The vessel has 5L incremental internally etched litre volume markings, robust riveted 304SS handles with silicon grips. 

Create the perfect whirlpool with the included Whirlpool Arm. The integrated rotatable whirlpool arm allows you to direct the flow path of your wort to create the ideal whirlpool for your specific batch size.

The ability to whirlpool is an essential process to help settle out trub/hop material and transfer clear wort into your chiller to avoid blockages. This process will also increase the volume efficiency of your system & reduce the amount of trub/hop material that makes it to your fermenter.

Technical details

BrewTaurus K70L Brewing Kettle
Stainless steel AISI 304
Kettle Diameter
Kettle Height
Kettle capacity
Max 70 L
Min 20 L
Suggested Water/Grain Ratio
Max Batch Size
60L (End of Boil)
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