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F70L Conical Fermenter +[Extra accessories]

F70L Conical Fermenter +[Extra accessories]

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  • 2-years warranty

Delivery Package

  • F70L Conical Fermenter
  • Domed lid with 4'' TC port and (2x) 1.5'' TC port
  • Band clamp sealing with gasket for lid
  • 4'' band clamp + 4'' gasket + 4'' TC cap
  • Pressurizable to 4 PSI for pressure transferring (not fermentation under pressure)
  • Bottling valve welding on 1.5'' TC cap with rotatable racking arm
  • 1.5'' TC elbow + butterfly valve
  • (4x) 1.5'' band clamp + 1.5'' TC gasket 
  • (3x) wheels
  • Thermowell + thermometer
  • Air lock with silicone plug
  • Instruction manual
  • Chilling Coil
  • Insulation Jacket 


  • Total capacity 70 - 73 L (full top).
  • All parts made of 304 SS
  • Brush finish for better cleaning
  • Conical bottom for batches with an average volume of 57 - 60 L. 
  • Endless possibilities for connection via tri-clamp connections.
  • Includes extra accessories - Chilling Coil, Insulation Jacket.
  • 2 year warranty

    BrewTaurus F70L Conical Fermenter provide brewers with the ease of conical fermentation and the durability of 304 stainless steel construction. These compact, versatile fermenters have a maximum capacity of 70 - 73 L filled to the brim which gives brewers the headspace they need to do single batch (57L to 60L) brewing. The conical shape perfectly separates clear liquid and sediments which slowly settle to the bottom. 

    BrewTaurus F70L Conical Fermenter has an all tri-clamp design. The lid features a 4" tri-clamp top port which can be used to dry hop, add a drop-in chilling coil, or use with other tri-clamp accessories. The lid also has two 1.5" tri-clamp ports which can be use for airlock, blow-off barb or as the hop port for quickly adding hops or connect a hop drop kit and make dryhopping without access to oxygen. 

    The body features another two 1.5" tri-clamp ports. One for the racking arm and ball valve, and a 1.5" drain port for cleaning or harvesting yeast. There is also a hole on the body for a thermowell into which a thermometer or temperature sensor can be inserted. 

    BrewTaurus F70L Conical Fermenter stands on three fixed legs, which can be mounted wheels that are part of the conical fermenter. This allows the conical fermenter to be moved variably within the space if required.

    We do not recommend fermentation under pressure. Fermentation vessels are not built as pressure vessels.

    Technical details

    BrewTaurus F70L Conical Fermenter
    Stainless steel AISI 304
    70 - 73L (full top)
    Thickness body
    Thickness lid
    Dimensions without airlock and wheels (LxWxH) 
    48.5 x 41 x 91 cm
    Dimension of wheels
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