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*PRE-ORDER* Cooling kit with pump

*PRE-ORDER* Cooling kit with pump

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If a glycol cooler is a little out of reach at the moment, or you need extra pump for your glycol chiller, this product will help you cool the wort. Simply submerge the pump in a bucket of water and ice or your glycol chiller. The more insulation you give your fermentation vessel and keep it at a relatively stable temperature, the better. We suggest using this in conjunction with a temperature controller, such as an inkBird.

The kit contains:
1 x 1.2m Insulated 6mm x 9.5mm EVABarrier tubing
1 x 1.2m of 6mm x 9.5mm EVABarrier hose (return hose to the bucket/chiller)
2 x 9.5mm duotight Elbows
1 x 12v submersible pump and power supply

Power adapter:
Input 240 volts, output 12 volts. 9.6 watts
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