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Universal 4" Tri clamp cap

Universal 4" Tri clamp cap

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Universal 4" TC Cap with Dual Posts for Gas and Beer, 1 Bar Pressure Relief Valve, and 1.5" TC Adapter with Clamp, 1.5" Cap and 1.5" Gasket

This versatile cap is designed for the demanding requirements of brewing and beverage distribution systems. It features a robust 4" Tri-Clamp (TC) cap equipped with both gas and beer posts, allowing for flexible connection options. The built-in 1 bar Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) ensures safety by automatically venting excess pressure, protecting your setup from over-pressurization. The PRV string can be exchanged for a string with a different pressure. For added versatility, this package includes a 1.5" TC adapter, complete with a secure band clamp and gasket, ensuring a leak-proof seal. Ideal for brewers and beverage enthusiasts seeking reliability and precision in their equipment.

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