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Pipeline Gold Professional 1 liter

Pipeline Gold Professional 1 liter

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Pipeline Gold Professional Beer Line Cleaner

Pipeline Gold is completely chlorine-free, intended for cleaning tap lines. Recommended for professional use.
Pipeline is specially designed to break down contaminants such as yeast, proteins and sugar in the bottling line.

Pipeline is run through the bottling line until the liquid that comes out is completely free of particles and is clear in color. Note that Pipeline Gold does not have an indication color as the purple version does.
It is safe to use on all types of hose materials, pipes, meters, pumps, beer engines, taps and connections when used as prescribed. Does not contain caustic soda.

Directions for use:
Mixing ratio: For regular monthly cleaning, 5% (500 ml per 10 liters) is recommended. Can be increased to 10% for cleaning heavily contaminated or neglected tap lines. Mix with lukewarm water (below 40°C).

Cleaning: Unscrew any inline coolers. Mix the cleaning solution in a plastic or stainless steel container and pump the solution through the tap line. Let it work for 10 minutes, then pump a liter of solution and let it work for another 10 minutes. Repeat the process until the liquid is completely free of particles and is clear in color.

Rinse: Pump fresh cold water through to flush out all cleaning agent with a minimum of 5 liters. Verify the purity of this water using Pipeline Rinse Water Test Papers: Dip the paper under the running water. If there are traces of Pipeline in the water, the test paper will turn purple. If the paper remains pink, no rinsing solution remains and the rinse is complete.

Package size: 1 liter
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