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Icemaster G20 Glycol Chiller EU

Icemaster G20 Glycol Chiller EU

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IceMaster G20 Glycol Chiller is a compact and affordable glycol chiller from Kegland designed for homebrewers, with 2 separate outlets with individual temperature control.

This is an efficient glycol chiller with fantastic cooling performance. It's compact and quiet - perfect for the home. Powerful enough to cool a well-insulated fermentation tank up to 300 liters, or a couple of smaller fermentation tanks. With 500w of cooling power, it's ideal for cold crashes even in hot environments.

Refrigerant: R600A Isobutane
Cooling power: 500 watts (calculated at 22°C)
Power consumption: 155w
Tank: 16.42 liters
Max cooling pump head height (per pump): 5 meters
Max capacity (per pump): 600 liters per hour
Connection: Hose nipple for 10mm ID hose
Size: L 510mm x W 300mm x H 460 mm

Integrated pumps:
Unlike other coolers, this one comes with two integrated pumps and temperature controls. This allows you to cool two fermentation vessels simultaneously at different temperatures. Set the temperature in the main tank to -4 degrees (after adding water with 20% glycol), then set the two outputs to your preferred fermentation temperature. There is no need for extra wiring, pumps are included and pre-wired.

Cooling of wort:
Temperature control is essential for an optimal fermentation process. We often risk our wort getting too hot, especially during storm fermentation. If you have insulated steel tanks, you will probably recognize the problem of overheating.

Heating of wort
The glycol cooler is basically for cooling only. The temperature control unit in G20 has connections for remote control of heating, but note that this requires an authorized electrician to connect. We recommend placing the tank in a room that is warm enough for the highest temperature requirement during fermentation when using a glycol cooler.

Cooler with compressor
There are glycol coolers without a compressor, which are cheaper to produce. But to get the power out of the cooler you expect, you need a compressor. Chillers with a compressor also use 3-6 times less power than chillers without. They are also far more reliable when the environment is hot.

The cooler should have 10cm clearance to all air vents. Wipe it regularly for dust. A mixture with 20% glycol gives a freezing point down to -8°C degrees.

Use of glycol
Polypropylene glycol will degrade over time, so replace the glycol mixture at least once a year. Use of old mixture can damage the pumps and will be a breach of warranty. The recommended mixture is 20-30% glycol. 

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