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Bucket Blaster Keg and Fermenter Washer

Bucket Blaster Keg and Fermenter Washer

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Bucket Blaster is a cleaning system for kegs, fermentation tanks and more. With a powerful pump, it flushes clean whatever is placed over the rack. It also comes with ball lock connections so that, for example, risers in cornelian barrels are properly cleaned in the same operation.

This makes cleaning a breeze and gives you more time to do what you really want to do, like sitting back in a comfortable chair and enjoying your home-brewed beer!

The pump system and stand are delivered in a bucket, which works great for mixing up cleaning solution. Place the pump and stand in the bucket and place the items to be cleaned. Turn on the pump and let it circulate until it is clean.

For best results, it is recommended to first circulate with e.g. chemclean or a similar alkaline cleaner, and then circulate with chemsan or a similar acid wash.

The kit includes pump, 15L bucket, flushing nozzle, EvaBarrier hoses, DuoTight and Ball lock couplings, and stainless steel stand.
The pump has a capacity of 2000L per hour.
ATTENTION: The pump is designed for a maximum temperature of 35C, this must not be exceeded.
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