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9.5mm (3/8") to 1/2" BSP

9.5mm (3/8") to 1/2" BSP

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Duotight push-in fittings 9.5mm (3/8") to 1/2" BSP female thread

Duotight push-in fittings developed by Australian KegLand are the best quick connectors on the market. The focus here has been on quality, and they have further developed the concept of using double O-rings (made of EPDM*) to ensure that the couplings do not leak, even if the hoses are bent and flexed more than normal. If you want couplings and tap lines that stay tight, choose Duotight quick couplings from KegLand. Can handle pressures up to 100psi.

You get the optimal solution when you use these together with diffusion-sealed EVABarrier hoses from KegLand.

EPDM = Ethylene Propylene rubber. Good chemical resistance, including ozone, various oil products, alkaline and acid products, water, alcohol, ketones and beverages in general. EPDM also has good aging and abrasion properties, is BPA (bisphenol A) free and is generally preferable to silicone and other similar products.

Conversion between inches and mm:

Make sure to choose quick connectors that fit your pipe and hose dimensions:
3/8" is slightly smaller than 10mm
5/16" is the same as 8mm
1/4" is slightly larger than 6mm

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